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Eating a diet that consists primarily of whole foods (that is, foods in or close to their natural state) helps to promote long-term, sustainable weight loss. This is true for a number of reasons, including these.

– Whole foods tend to be rich in fiber and water, which make the body feel full sooner and signal the brain to stop feeling hungry after consuming fewer calories.
– The refining that many processed foods undergo strips important nutrients that otherwise support the immune system and healthy brain function. These nutrients remain intact in whole foods.
– Whole foods are inexpensive and easy to find, meaning that dieters can eat wisely in any situation.
– Whole foods are free of additives (such as refined sugar and monosodium glutamate) that are known to hinder health.
– Whole foods are naturally low in sodium and often low in fat. Consuming a low-sodium, low-fat diet has been shown to prevent hypertension, obesity, and heart disease, among other conditions.

About the Bouari Clinic

The Bouari Clinic teaches strategies for achieving long-term weight loss and improved health. One of Bouari’s central teachings is the importance of choosing whole, nutrient-dense, natural foods over processed, prepackaged foods.


Located in Las Vegas, the Bouari Clinic assists clients with losing weight, especially in situations when other approaches have failed. A number of physicians are clients of the clinic and they often refer patients and family members to the organization.

Bouari Clinic offers a variety of proprietary products to assist with weight loss, such as Advantage. The all-natural formula provides several benefits, including curbing appetite, balancing hunger, and activating the body’s metabolism. The clinic encourages clients to combine the treatment with its food plan for optimal results.

Other Bouari supplements include B-12 and Edge. Combining these with Advantage helps support the brain and nervous system, as well as decrease hunger and increase energy.

Aside from the aforementioned products, Bouari Clinic provides some additional formulations to assist specific organs, such as the gallbladder, kidneys, and thyroid. Clinic consultants explain the products to clients, as well as give advice regarding other medications that clients may be taking when they begin their weight-loss regimens. Many individuals find they can reduce or eliminate these medicines after achieving positive weight-loss results.

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