Established by Emile Bouari in 2007, the Bouari Clinic has provided a safe, effective weight loss alternative to more than 32,000 members in the United States and Mexico. Based on research-proven principles understood since the 1950s, the program assists clients in losing up to 40 pounds utilizing fresh, healthy foods that are available in any grocery store. Bouari Clinic’s ultimate fat-burning solution is designed to burn adipose (fat) tissue in such a way that the weight lost is not regained after completing an initial 21- to 50-day program phase. Additionally, the clinic’s physician-supervised methods do not make use of prescription diet pills, expensive prepackaged foods, surgery, or dedicated exercise routines. All program memberships are for life and include ongoing clinical staff support.

Bouari Clinic programs accelerate the burning of difficult-to-lose secondary fat stores by combining a limited-calorie diet with the company’s all-natural nutritional supplements. Memory-enhancing sublingual B-12, energy-boosting Edge, noncaffeinated Glyseamax hunger suppressant, and cleansing Aloe Lax are among these proprietary formulations. The Bouari Advantage Oral Spray for Weight Loss and Hunger Control is the company’s most clinically advanced product and is an FDA-registered homeopathic oral spray.

With headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bouari Clinic is an available franchise opportunity with franchisees operating in Arizona, New Jersey, and Minnesota, among other locations. The company is active in corporate philanthropy, providing support to the Disabled Veterans National Foundation, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and its international counterpart, the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, and the Vanguard Society of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.